Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Patterns Of Light

Hello together,

beside all other activitites, we have also added in our webshop Bernd Kistenmacher's "Patterns Of Light" compilation, which was especially produced for "IC - Innovative Communication".
This compilation album contains the following tracks:

01. The Beginning (Bernd Kistenmacher) 4:14
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

02. In Face Of Saturn (Bernd Kistenmacher) 8:49
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

03. The End Of The Record (Bernd Kistenmacher) 12:59
From the album “Contrasts Vol I”, 1998, published by MIRecords

04. A Hand Softly Touching You (Bernd Kistenmacher) 11:47
From the album: “Outlines”, 1991, published by MIRecords

05. The Memorial (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:58
2011, published by MIRecords

06. On The Shoulders Of ATLAS (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:05
From the album “Antimatter”, 2012, published by Mellowjet Records

07. Lost City (Bernd Kistenmacher) 14:01
From the album “Beyond The Deep”, 2011, published by Mellowjet Records

08. Autumn Leaves (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:24
2012, published by MIRecords

We offer now the album as FLAC download and as CD-Audio. Thank you very much to DA Music for their kind permission.

Check out our webshop on Bandcamp for more details.

Thank you

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