Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Welcome To The Circus CD announced!

Following the successful launch of "Welcome To The Circus" as a digital download, we publish this music on CD on 01st of June 2016. Like all CD albums the regular price is 16.00 euros for this CD.  However, the album can be ordered now at a pre-order price of 14.00 euros. For this you get immediately a free download of the album and from June 01st on the autographed CD by mail.
Please note: this offer is only valid until 31st of May 2016. Thereafter, the regular album price will be charged.

More information can be found on Bandcamp under:

We look forward to your visit!

Nach dem erfolgreichen Start von „Welcome To The Circus“ als Download, legen wir nun noch einen drauf und werden am 01. Juni 2016 das Album auf CD veröffentlichen. Wie alle CD-Alben wird auch diese CD 16,00 Euro kosten. Ab dem 01.Juni! Allerdings kann das Album auch ab sofort zu einem Pre-order Preis in Höhe von 14,00 Euro bestellt werden. Dafür erhaltet ihr sofort den Gratis-Download des Album und ab dem 01. Juni die handsignierte CD per Post.

Achtung: diese Aktion gilt nur bis zum 31. Mai 2016. Danach wird der reguläre Albumpreis erhoben.

Weitere Informationen findet ihr auf Bandcamp unter:

Wir freuen uns über Deinen Besuch!


Sonntag, 27. März 2016

Welcome To The Circus - New album out!

cat. no MI10081

In october 2014 Bernd Kistenmacher was invited to perform a concert during the Electronic-Circus Festival in Germany. This concert was a kind of warm-up for his upcoming solo-album "Paradise" (also available on MIRecords). Beside his very good performance, Bernd Kistenmacher was as well as his audience in a very good and funny mood. Everything was recorded very carefully and this recordings are now available on our webportal on Bandcamp.

Welcome To The Circus is a nearly 70 minutes long live recording of a very special concert.

This album is only on Bandcamp available. Check it out "here" and listen to the websamples of this fine recording. We are sure, that you will come to the same conclusion as we do.

Bernd Kistenmacher  Welcome To The Circus  MIRecords  MI10081

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