Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Head-Visions goes online


Dear friends,

official date of release for the download-versions of "Head-Visions (remastered 2012)" is july 1st, 2014.

Amazon is now the first dealer, who announces the album for pre-order. iTunes, MediaMarkt/Saturn and many others will follow soon. Please follow this "link" directly to buy the album.

Of course we will keep you up-to-date. Here as well as in social networks.

Stay tuned

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

MIRecords refurbished!

Hello friends of MIRecords,

after a longer period of absence, MIRecords will return soon with new releases as well as with old ones. You might have asked, what we have done in the meantime? Well the answer is easy: we had to deal a little bit to get the copy- and publishing rights for most of Bernd Kistenmacher's soloworks back. This is done now for the most of his albums. And now it is time to reactivate this music and make it available to you again.

In a first step, we will open MIRecords to all kind of audio-formats. This means, that we will not only release music on Vinyl, but also on CD-audio and as digital-downloads in all known online-portals for digital releases.
The releases will contain the nearly complete back-catalogue of Bernd Kistenmacher and also some special cooperations with other artists.

At the moment we prepare the downloadversions for the above mentioned webshops (iTunes or Amazon for example). In a second step,we will release this albums again in remastered versions as physical CD-releases. And we prepare now the release of the already before longer time announced "Let It Out!" on Vinyl. A new MIRecords webshop will be established too. This all will happen within the next weeks and months, but we plan to present the first releases at our merchandising stands during Bernd Kistenmacher's concerts in upcoming autumn 2014. For details, please check Bernd Kistenmacher's blog .

So it is time now to spit in the hands and to do some work. We will be back here soon with more news and details.

Stay tuned

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