Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Let It Out! on Vinyl

As we earlier promised, the 2010 album "Let It Out!" is now in preparation for release on Vinyl.
You can pre-order it on "bandcamp" only. Date of release of this 180gr topclass album with gatefold sleeve is oct. 4th., when Bernd Kistenmacher will perform in german city of Guetersloh during the "Electronic Circus Festival 2014".

Releases as CD-Audio and FLAC-Downloads will follow a little bit later also on bandcamp.

More details will follow soon here. Alternatively you can sucscribe to the maillist on bandcamp or write directly to "MIRecords" for details.

Thank you very much.

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Bandcamp is official webshop for MIRecords

MIRecords on Bandcamp

Since the good start of MIRecords on "bandcamp", we've decided to use this platform as official webshop for all recent and future releases of MIRecords.

This means, that MIRecords will not provide any other website or webshop for direct sales, but this blog for informations and bandcamp for sales of our music.

Please click here to enter our "shop

Of course you can contact us directly too. Please click on this link "MIRecords Order" and we will hurry up to answer all of your questions.

We hope to meet you soon here, there or on bandcamp!

Montag, 18. August 2014

MIRecords announces Head-Visions CD-release

Hello fans and friends,

after the release of the high-quality Vinyl in 2012 and the provison of the album on the most accepted download shops, like iTunes, bandcamp and many others, we are now preparing the release of Bernd Kistenmacher's first solo-album "Head-Visions" in remastered version on CD-Audio. This release is part of the previously announced series of remasters, called "Edition Level II". The album will be available at the "Electronic Circus Festival" on the 4th of october in Gtersloh, were Bernd Kistenmacher will also do a 1 hour performance.

The price for one CD will be 16,00 Euro plus shipping. Pre-orders can be also done from now on.

The ordernumber for the CD is: MI10050 

For details please send an email to "MIRecords Order".

Keep in touch for further informations.

Thank you very much.

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