Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

A dream becomes reality!

Head-Visions 180gr Vinyl
So we have more to show but to tell today. Head-Visions is out now!

We are really proud and happy to have this project successfully finished after a couple of months with hard work.

It is time now to take a deep breath and to say thank you to all, who believed, who helped or who promoted this project:

Michel le Stum for his fantastic artwork and his unbelievable friendship. Andreas Hoellige from DA Musik for his help and his believe in this crazy project. Mrs. Christiane Dass-Kriester for her help under difficult circumstances to find the right image for our beautiful Head-Visions cover. Mr. Allessandro Ugazio for his fantastic 360° shot of Rainer Kriester's sculpturpark in Verdone, Italy. Rainer Sauer for his unbreakable believe into electronic music and his believe in the Vinyls;-)

Last but not least I wish to thank my family for their trust into my work and their believe in my dreams.
Here we are now. After a short break, we will go the next steps and we will prepare the next release: Let It Out!

With kind regards

Bernd Kistenmacher & MIRecords

PS. Where to find? Look here:

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